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Meeting My Spirit Guides Changed My Life

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

In the field of core shamanism, it’s understood that we all have spirit guides, whether or not we’ve met them. It’s further understood that our spirit guides may change over time based on our particular needs. One of the things that led me to study shamanic practices was the desire to meet and work with my spirit guide(s).

The Journey

Just as life in the reality we all experience daily (ordinary reality) is a journey, meeting my spirit guide began with learning to journey to non-ordinary reality realms. In shamanic practice, we refer to these as the upper world and lower world. Unlike the connotation those words have in most Judeo-Christian beliefs, in shamanic practice, upper and lower refer to the direction one must walk to arrive there (up hill or down hill) rather than heaven or hell.

Lower World

Thus far in my training, I’ve met my spirit guide who resides in the lower world. So far, in working with him, I’ve begun to deepen my connection to the natural world, increase my ability to listen with my soul to myself and others – and trust what I hear, and free my spirit to soar with the birds. Although this is all worked on and represented to me as metaphors and sensations that wouldn’t happen in ordinary reality, I’m able to take the lessons and apply them in my daily life.

The Goal

I have a lot more training to complete. I’m not in a rush, per se, but I am excited and want to go through each step with the necessary desire, passion, and speed to help me become the best me, the best healer, the best empowerment coach I can be. Eventually, when I’ve received the appropriate amount of training, I look forward to being able to give others the joy and security of meeting their guides and teaching them how to work with their guides to enhance their daily lives.

How I Help You Right Now

In the meantime, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to use my other gifts – Reiki, oracle card readings, meditation, teaching skills, etc. – to help YOU take back your personal power and create the abundant life you deserve. I don’t provide a magic fix, but I will partner with you to help you discover all you need within yourself and bring them to the surface.

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