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What Are You Afraid Of? And How to Overcome It?

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

There’s so much for us to fear…yet society tells us we shouldn’t talk about those fears. That they’re irrational. The truth is, if we feel them, they’re real. We need to honor our feelings, our fears and in doing so, we actually overcome them.

So, I ask you, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being wrong? Being right? Perhaps you have a fear of failure? Or you’re terrified you’ll succeed? Are you afraid of falling in love? Of losing your partner? Of moving forward? The list is endless! Read on to overcome your fear!

Here’s the thing – it doesn’t matter WHAT you’re afraid of, what matters is what you DO about your fear. Do you let it stop you dead in your tracks, or do you crush it and live your life? I’ve always been “brave” by some people’s standards, so maybe what I’m about to say won’t seem as easy for you as it was for me…but I KNOW it can be done…That YOU can do it.

First, Acknowledge your fear. By bringing it into the light and letting it know you know it exists, your fear already has less power over you. It’s like a giant “elephant in the room” – as soon as people start talking about it, it becomes smaller, taking up less space in in everyone’s minds.

Fear likes to hide to do its damage…when you look it in the face, it has less power to hurt you.

Second, move ahead. I mean it! You’ve looked your fear in the face and told it to get lost – no prove you meant it. Whatever your fear is keeping you from doing, DO IT. If you’re holding off on starting something because you’re afraid it won’t work out, start it anyway. If you don’t date because you’re afraid of falling in love, date anyway.

Third, trust your guides. This is really important. I was afraid to date. I mean down right D.O.N.E. with relationships. But I was also lonely…as I was meditating on it, a female face appeared and told me there was someone for me and to get out there and try. So I did…Here’s the crazy cool part! I met my boyfriend – my soul mate in all that means, not just the Hollywood romantic sense – and it turns out that female face…it was HIS MOM! (UPDATE: We’ve since broken up, but I learned A LOT of lessons in that relationship – critical lessons. And now, I’m truly, deeply happy living my life single or not!)

Not enough proof your guides are ready to help push you past fear? Here’s another example. I was struggling with some trust issues and kept asking to be shown the truth. As a shaman, I’m privileged to enter spirit realms. As I was asking to be shown the truth, I felt called to visit my teachers in the upper world.

When I got there, I wound up fighting – martial arts style – the fears and demons that kept feeding me untruths acting as food for my trust issues. When I’d finally beaten them down, my teachers appeared and we burned them in a sacred fire. Mind you, this was all “metaphorical” since it happened on a shamanic journey…BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t do something similar. You don’t need to be a shaman to work with your guides. They’re here for EVERYONE.

To show your guides what you’d like to be rid of…what fears and demons you want gone from your life, write them on a piece of paper. One per slip. Light your own sacred fire. A bonfire, a fire in a fireplace – whatever you can safely and reasonably do.

Stand near the fire and ask your guides to join you. They will, even if you’re not aware of it. Toss in the slips of paper one at a time and say (shout!) “I’m free of ___!” When you’ve burned all the slips, finish your ceremony to overcome fear with an offering of sacred herbs. I like Rosemary, but you can use sage or anything else that speaks to you.

How do you feel? Less fearful, I bet. Lock this feeling in by taking a good look at yourself in the mirror and seeing the confidence on your face.

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