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The Balancing Act of Being and Doing

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

For the past two or three years, I’ve been so focused on my spiritual journey, on calming my mind and filling my soul that I’ve lost some focus. In a weird paradox, the more I focused on BEING in the moment, on accepting and going with the flow, the more I got lost. I forgot my blooming sense of self without even realizing it happened. It took some pretty drastic circumstances to brake this awareness open.

Theoretical quantum physicist Amit Goswami uses his knowledge of the quantum world to make connections to the spiritual world. I’ve long felt that what I experience with energy and spirituality can be shown through science if we only had the instruments necessary to measure it. Finding Goswami’s work has helped confirmed that for me. That balance of doing and being is needed to keep everyone centered.

One of the key concepts he talks about is Do-Be-Do. This isn’t a song lyric. It’s a way to achieve balance in life. I’ve been BEING, but not DOING. Other than my job, my interests and activities have been very BE focused. Coloring, meditation, shaman training, Reiki – all those are great, but they’re not active in the sense that they help me grow in a non-spiritual/emotional sense. Same thing with most of my other hobbies.

As I’ve been processing and working through the aforementioned dramatic event, I’ve realized I need more DOING. I’m finding it tough to break out of the inertia of BEING. I’ve signed up to learn Russian online and I’m loving it. I’ve begun looking at getting back into martial arts, but I feel a bit stuck to break free of the BEING state I’ve cultivated for the past several years.

I know that this is all part of my growth onion. And I know that when I’ve figured out this balance I’ll be a happier, healthier person. One who is better able to give and receive love and be in functional, positive relationships. As I’m figuring all this out, I’m still growing spiritually too.

It’s about BALANCE. It’s not black and white, one thing or another. Balance in life has always been a struggle for me, so I guess this challenge should come as no surprise. This time, though, I have a great team of friends and my spirit guides supporting me and helping me. And this time, I KNOW I can do it.

What do you find yourself gravitating towards – being or doing? Are you balanced? If you’re like most of us, you probably need to tweak some things to get balanced. Today, think about what that is and how you can bring your life back into balance. Then, go DO it.

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