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The Power of Intention

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

In all spiritual work, intention is one of the post powerful factors. Where you set your intention, your mind, body, and spirit follow. This holds true for meditation, yoga, Reiki and any other spiritual practice you can think of. The book Buddha’s Brain effectively connects intention to physical changes in the brain. Intention and focused practices based on that intention actually rewire your brain!

How Intention and Brain Rewiring are Used in Shamanic Work

In my shaman training, I’ve experienced first hand how intention makes spiritual experiences possible that would otherwise be unattainable. For example – shamanic journeying. In shamanism, we journey to the upper and lower world to work with guides and teachers. When I first began learning this skill, I was easily able to journey to the lower world, but struggled with the upper world.

I was finally able to enter the upper world by setting a very strong, firm intention that came from my inner-most self. I stood firm on it no matter what distractions came up along the way. I was rewarded with a powerful shamanic experience and the ability to return to the upper world at any time.

Intention in Spiritual Work

Shamanism is only one of the spiritual practices where intention is a powerful factor in creating success. When you want to connect with your guides, one of the first steps is setting a strong intention that you WILL develop that relationship. When you want to channel energy such as in Reiki, setting a strong intention that you’ll connect with and use the universal energy is key.

Changing Your Life with the Power of Intention

Taking this a step further, when you want to heal yourself from past hurts, past negative experiences, setting a powerful intention is one important factor. Each morning, set an intention that you’re happy, that today will be a good day. No, you’re not going to be immune to daily challenges and struggles, but how you RESPOND to them will change over time. It’s our responses to challenges that create unhappiness and suffering. Not just our external responses, but our INTERNAL responses.

Instead of carrying around hurt, frustration, and anger, we can use our intentions and conscious thought to shift our perspective. We can focus on positive thoughts to relax our angry responses. This requires intention. Overtime, doing this work rewires our brains to take a calmer path in upsetting situations. The habit of setting an intention and following through with it also helps you connect with your spirit guides.

Although intention is not the only factor in spiritual and emotional growth, it’s certainly necessary for either one to happen. Today, I challenge you to set one intention, the same intention, every day for a month. Strive to consciously return to it all through the day. In this time, your brain will begin to rewire itself and you’ll find your sense of self and your responses to situations changing as a result.

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