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What Are Oracle Cards?

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

Most people have heard of Tarot cards. And anyone who’s heard of Tarot cards has an opinion about them. Some people view them as a “carnival trick” and others believe in their power to predict the future. Whatever your opinion about Tarot cards, you may feel differently (or not) about Oracle cards.

Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards

When I do an oracle card reading, cards are drawn intuitively. This means my guides (and often yours) are guiding my hands to the cards. Instead of the cards predicting the future, they offer support about a current situation or confirmation about something. If there’s a particular action you’ve been considering, oracle cards may give you a nudge in one direction or another. Ultimately, the interpretation and any actions based upon them are up to you.

Those who create oracle cards do so from a place of love and collective consciousness. They’re created with the intention to share that with the world, not to predict the future. Tarot cards typically have the same characters on them, even if drawn in different ways. Oracle cards have many different characters. Depending on which of your guides your most connected with at any point in time certain oracle cards may “speak” to you more than others.

My Journey with Oracle Cards

When I first started reading oracle cards, I felt drawn to cards with animals. While I still love decks with animals, I’ve also been called by Dragonfae cards and cards with earth structures. Each deck is unique and has different messages. Each one also provides help, support and guidance – not predictions.

Each time I do a reading, whether it’s for myself of someone else the love and support that comes through is unmistakable. When I’m doing a reading for myself, I always feel grounded, supported and clearer. Others feel similarly after they’re given a reading.

Think about something – a person or situation – you’d like to feel more empowered about. It’s likely top of mind and causing you some stress and anxiety. If you’re ready to start feeling better about it, get your own oracle card reading. 🙂

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