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My Quest to Meet My Guides

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

I’ve always been a spiritual person. As a kid, I was raised in the Jewish faith, but my mother had more Christian beliefs. She taught me to pray and seek a personal relationship with G-d. I always felt there was more…more than synagogue and Hebrew school; more than praying every night in hopes that somehow my words would get through. I didn’t know where to look or how to connect with this elusive “more,” but I knew I wanted to.

The First Connection

When I was a teenager, after years of begging, my mom finally relented and allowed me to get my ears pierced. Only one problem, I took one look at the piercing gun and totally panicked. So, mom encouraged me to pray for the strength to overcome my fear. I did this for what felt like a long time. One night while I was praying, I felt like I was floating but also very safe and heard this voice say “you already have it. Look deep within you.” That was my first experience truly connecting with Spirit. And I wanted more.

And Then…

My next experience connecting with Spirit didn’t happen until years later. I was fortunate enough to go to Israel as part of a Temple Youth trip. At Ha’ Kotel (aka The Western or Wailing Wall), I found a quiet space where I could pray and place my written desire in the cracks. As I put my hand on the Wall, I again had that sensation of floating and being held safe. No voice this time, but I knew it was Spirit loving me.

When I got back from the trip, my desire to connect was deepened, but with the craziness of college applications, working, etc. it got put aside. In college, I started to share the two stories above. I fell in with some people who seemed spiritual at the time, but in hindsight were being pulled by less than loving spirits.

I got married right after graduation and again, my spiritual quest got set aside for the efforts of making my way in the world as a married adult. It wasn’t until I’d gotten married and divorced a second time that I started to think about wanting to connect again. Even then, it took me years to figure out HOW.

It Deepened…

Many years later, I was knitting (which can be very meditative) and felt pulled to learn Reiki even though I’d never had a treatment and the whole concept was very peripheral to me. I went all the way through to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. It opened up a connection in me that had been blocked – and it also made sense in my logical brain. I was able to connect Reiki concepts to my understanding of quantum physics. I liked that.

I began meditating regularly and felt more intuitive and in tune as a result. But I still felt there was more. I’d long been interested in the “medicine men” or shamanic practices, but since I’m not of Native origin, I thought they’d be out of reach to me.

When I finally learned that shamanism and connection to Spirit is EVERYONE’s birthright and began my training, it created the connection I’d been looking for. And it worked for my logic brain too.

And NOW!

The more I connected with my guides, the stronger the relationship became. Today, it’s my pleasure and honor to help others connect with their guides – no special training needed. I’ve been given the gift of understanding how to make that connection available to anyone who wants it. If you’re ready to start connecting with your guides, I encourage you to check out my book series and online class. Your guides are waiting for you!

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