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On the Other Side of Heartbreak

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

We’ve all been there. That relationship you thought was going to last forever takes a nose dive and the next thing you know, you’re alone and heartbroken. Your cry and grieve. Maybe it gets a little ugly. You stop eating or getting dressed. Or maybe you push yourself to act normal each day, but any time you’re alone you cry as though you’ll never be able to stop. There’s moments you’re not sure the pain will ever go away. This grieving process is necessary.

But then something happens and you realize, you’re better off. This can be a slow awakening like a dawn over the ocean, or it can be an instant realization. Either way, the tears slow and eventually cease. You start to look back on your former romance with more dispassionate eyes. You’re able to see the good times and the bad times with equal clarity.

And that’s where it starts. The growth. Because that’s what’s on the other side of heartbreak: growth and freedom. I don’t mean freedom in the sense of being unattached, I mean true inner freedom.

As you move past your heartbreak and learn from that past relationship, you learn what you really want…and you learn about yourself. What you do well in relationships and what you’d like to do better. You learn what personality traits mix well with your own and what ones clash. And you integrate them into your being so that the next relationship – because there will be a next one – is healthier and closer to what you desire.

With this growth, you free yourself from guilt and pain. You allow yourself to forgive yourself and your former partner for the hurt you caused each other. You forgive yourself for spending time with someone who wasn’t right for you and instead see that past relationship for what it was – a gift from the universe to help you grow into yourself.

On the other side of heartbreak is a better, stronger you. A you who’s more in touch with her true self. A you who believes in the power of love and trusts that even if it doesn’t last in this lifetime, true soul mates are connected across lifetimes; a you who trusts that the Universe has a plan for you and trusts that when the time is right, the true love for this lifetime will enter your life.

On the other side of heartbreak is the rest of your life. Seize it with both hands and create the life, and the love, you want!

And if this feels too hard right now, ask your guides for help.

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