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Why I Love Oracle Cards

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

I’ve written before about the difference between oracle cards and tarot cards. They both have their place and their merits, but I prefer oracle cards. Several years ago, I had a reading which confirmed for me something I’d felt my whole life. In essence, I was told I was a “wise woman.” Most of my life people have told me that I’m wise beyond my years. The difference between those comments and that reading was simple. The reader encouraged me to use that innate skill to do readings of my own.

Shortly thereafter I found and purchased my first oracle card deck. I quickly discovered that my guides feed me information through the cards. Often, I’d find myself looking at the card, discovering my idea of its meaning to be close to that assigned by the deck creator and, most importantly, to be the EXACT message or guidance I needed.

From there, I started giving readings to others. Tentatively at first. I used close friends to practice and discovered they felt the same – that it was exactly what they needed. Slowly, I started giving readings to people I didn’t know. For some reason, I was still surprised to realize they felt the same way. It took a little while to trust my own intuition and instincts – and that my guides were giving me the right messages for others. Because that’s truly what it is – my guides using me as a vessel to provide information.

Now, I do a reading for myself daily and because I trust the guidance and messages, I love doing readings for others. I trust that they’ll receive the messages they need to hear and that using my intuition and training in the healing modalities of Reiki and shamanic practices, I’ll be able to provide additional tools or healing techniques as needed.

So, what do I love about oracle cards?


  1. I get clear, concise messages from my guides
  2. I’m able to help others get the guidance they need
  3. By combining my wise woman gift with my other gifts and training, I can provide a complete healing to those open to receiving it
  4. Different decks have different purposes. Even without knowing the situation about which someone needs guidance, my higher self guides me to the right deck
  5. They help me discover others’ gifts and open them up to using it.

If you’d like to experience an oracle card reading, please reach out. I’d love to help you get the guidance you’re looking for.

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