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Making Time for Yourself & Your Growth

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

Life gets hectic. Between work, family, friends and other responsibilities, it’s easy to just go-go-go all day long and then crash when it’s time for bed. Being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can cause feelings of helplessness, exhaustion and frustration. During these hectic moments, it’s easy to forget that there’s a way to prevent this from happening that also helps you give your best to all of the things keeping you so busy. What is this “magic bullet?”

Time for yourself. Time to nourish your soul and reconnect to your core. Time to center. Time to reconnect with your guides and your intuition.

How do you make this time with so much going on? There are more ways than I can list, but here’s what I do.

Let Go of Guilt

First, STOP feeling guilty for making this time for yourself. It may mean you put something off for an hour or say no to taking on one more thing. That is OK! You are your MOST important responsibility. By taking care of yourself, you’re better able to take on everything else life is giving you. So, let go of the guilt and make the time.


As I’ve talked about before, meditation doesn’t have to take long. And it resets you quite well, in a short time, when practiced regularly. That 10 minutes you spend in the bathroom trying to talk yourself down? Meditate. That 20 minutes you spend in the shower? Use it to meditate while you shampoo your hair.

Talk a Walk

That majority of us can use more exercise. Take 15 minutes at any point during your day and go for a walk. It can be around your neighborhood, in a local park or on a treadmill if you’ve got no appropriate outdoor options. Just walk. Physical activity does more than keep your body healthy, it changes the chemicals flowing to your brain, which changes your mood, your mindset and your outlook. It also gets you out of the environment causing you stress. That simple change of scenery is enough to let your brain/body/soul know you’re making time for you.

Visit Nature

Maybe you can’t go for a walk in nature every day. That’s okay. Try to absorb some nature at least once a week. And I don’t mean your perfectly manicured lawn. I mean something more wild. A nature trail or hiking path. Somewhere with lots of trees! Walk, run or simply sit and enjoy being outside in a place where nature is less tamed. Allow the trees and plants to renew your soul. Breathe in the clarity and comfort and allow all the swirling thoughts, frustration, exhaustion and helplessness to be transformed into confidence, hope, healthy boundaries and love.

That’s just some of the ways I make time for me. How do you make time to nourish your soul?

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