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How Sleep Impacts Spiritual Connection

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

We’ve all read and heard about how a good night sleep is necessary for health. Sleep helps our brains and bodies repair, rest and be ready for the next day. And when we’re well rested, our brains and bodies are more responsive, we’re more able to focus. When we’re short on sleep, it can be hard to get moving, we have trouble focusing and maybe wind up cranky and short tempered. But have you given any thought to how sleep impacts spiritual connection?

Being Tired Impacts Our Connection Pathways

Our spirit guides want to help us and communicate with us all the time. We’ve looked at how they use our senses as pathways. You may have even taken my online class to help develop your connection pathways. But think about when you’re tired. You work so hard to focus on the one thing in front of you, the rest of your senses shut down, effectively shutting the door on your guides until you get some rest.

As a shaman, I feel the difference in connection on journeys as well. When I’m tired, it takes me longer to get to the shamanic reality space and once there, the connection with my teachers and guides is weaker. While it’s sometimes necessary in the course of my work as a shaman to journey while tired, I prefer not to.

Being Tired Makes It Harder to Interpret Messages

As you know, guides communicate through metaphors. That means we need to interpret them based on what those metaphors mean in our lives to understand the messages. When we’re tired, our brains have trouble processing in general. Trying to interpret metaphors and messages is that much more challenging. Conversely, when we’re well rested, our brains see and understand metaphors more easily. It’s the same reason why teachers in school always suggest a good night sleep before a test.

How to Get Better Sleep

I’ve struggled with sleep my whole life, but I also want to connect with my spirit guides on the deepest level possible. I’m not a fan of chemical sleep aides, though there are some great herbal ones on the market. Instead, I try to manage my life so that sleep comes more easily, naturally. This includes things like, relaxing for a few hours before bedtime, having a set bedtime, not using my bedroom for anything but sleep, and using an app on my phone to decrease the blue light coming from it if I want to read in bed. On nights when sleep is extra challenging, I’ll use a guided meditation to help me doze off. Check out the Insight Timer app for some great ones.

Obviously, this doesn’t always happen. Some nights I go out with friends or to see a show. I know I’ll feel tired and miss the connection until my body and brain return to a state of rested and alert.

If you’re struggling to connect with your guides and feel tired, try getting additional sleep for a few nights and see how that changes your ability to connect.

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