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There’s No Such Thing as a Challenge

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

I know, you’re probably reading that title and thinking, “What? Of course there are challenges!” Let me explain. There are thing you PERCEIVE as a challenge. Yes, those definitely exist. But it truly is a matter of perception. What they really are those things you think of as challenges, are opportunities from the universe to grow, to learn, to step into the next phase of your growth and development.

Here’s a recent scenario from my own life to help you see what I mean. I’ve always been terrible at math. I actually used to have nightmares about the google-eyed numbers from Sesame Street eating me alive! So, needless to say my “money management” system was sufficient to get me by, but it was also pretty lacking in terms of any actual PLAN.

I decided I was tired of feeling like I didn’t have the money to do things I wanted to do and stressing out every time bills showed up. So, I asked the Universe to bring me a path for correcting this. The next thing I know, a sponsored ad shows up on my Facebook newsfeed saying something about how you can be BOTH spiritual and rich. They were offering a free one-hour class and though I knew I’d wind up on a mailing list and have to listen a sales pitch, I figured it was worth a listen.

Well, I was so impressed with the presenter and the material, I signed up for the class. It’s an eight-week class from Mind Valley Academy and I went into it super excited to remove blocks preventing me from earning money and a little bit nervous. Week four, we’re given a money management system. It really spoke to me and I wanted to implement it, but also was in full out panic mode trying to figure out how.

And then, guess what? I kept repeating the mantra for that week – rapid fire sometimes cause I was really freaking out – and before I knew it, I had the whole plan figured out! AND I found an amazing financial planner who will actually work with me to invest in a way that aligns my moral and ethical code, and thus with who I am in the universe. That makes me and my guides super happy!

Here’s the thing – this class did more for me than just introducing me to the part of myself that knows how to manage money like a pro. It also showed me that there is no such thing as a challenge. Instead, it was an opportunity to meet a side of myself that was waiting to help me live fully and abundantly. In fact, every single “challenge” in life is a chance to meet a part of ourselves – to step into our most empowered, complete selves.

So, the next time you hear yourself talking about a challenging situation, person, etc., stop! Stop and look for the lesson, for the side of yourself that’s waiting to meet you. You’ll see the whole situation in a new light. Don’t forget, if you need help, check in with your guides. They always know the way! And when you do, I want to hear about it! 🙂

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