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When Friends’ Advice Isn’t Enough

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2017)

When you’re thinking about making a life change, you probably ask your friends for help, right? For example, let’s say you’re thinking about switching jobs. Part of you and some of your friends, say you should pursue a career in finance. At the same time, another part of you and a few more of your friends suggest switching to data analysis. You can see the benefits to either path. Both use your skills and knowledge base and both pay salaries that will enable you to live the lifestyle you want.

In situations like this, it can be really easy to get trapped in analysis paralysis. You make pro/con lists, discuss and rehash the options until your usual advice-giving friends are sick of hearing about it, and you lie awake nights stressing about what direction to take. Yet, still, you’re not able to arrive at a decision.

At this point, maybe you give up on the idea of switching careers, even though you’re not happy where you are. The stress of trying to choose is too much and it’s easier to stick with something you know than press on with making a choice when neither path seems clear.

Or, maybe you start to wonder if there’s a third (or fourth or fifth) option you haven’t thought about yet. Gack! The options are so overwhelming and you’re making yourself, and everyone else, a little nuts with trying to figure it out. And now, it’s even worse because you’re not sure where to turn.

Take a deep breath! Relax! There is a solution and it’s easier than you think. What would you say if I told you it was possible to get the advice and guidance you need directly from the Universe? Wouldn’t you love to get Spirit’s input on the right career path (or anything else that’s keeping you awake at night?) Guess what? YOU CAN!

How, you ask? Great question! The answer is an oracle card reading.

What You Get with an Oracle Card Reading

Get tapped in to the Universal knowledge you’re looking for. Using the deck of your choice from the selections offered, I’ll work with my guides to get you the advice and guidance you need to make the choice, switch careers, and live fully. Each reading is usually around 6 cards and done specifically for you. The best part is – you don’t need to share anything with me. Because the Universe already knows your question, when I tap in, the answer will be waiting. My job is to bring it back to you through the cards. You’ll be thrilled how clear the choice is once you get Spirit’s input.

If you’re ready to FINALLY get the advice and guidance you need to stop stressing about your life decision, get an oracle card reading and start living in alignment with your purpose.

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