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Combating Anxiety with Faith

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

I’ve dealt with anxiety in various forms my whole life.

As I’ve built my career and pursued my own spiritual development, I’ve been continually placed in positions where my biggest triggers are activated and I have to decide how I’ll cope.

Like many people, one of my biggest anxiety triggers is finances.

For as long as I can remember, I was given the knowledge of “lack.”

I grew up in a house where “we can’t afford it” was the answer to everything.

Not surprisingly, I carried this into adulthood and operated from a sense of fear about making ends meet – no matter how much I was making.

This was also a HUGE block to abundance.

Recently, this particular trigger was pushed in a big way.

The kind of way that had me on the verge of a panic attack, losing sleep, and struggling with heartburn.

Not good…

As I was semi-freaking out with my friend Abby, I remembered she’s a yoga therapist. (Thank the gods for friends who know stuff I don’t!) She gave me some exercises to help reduce my stress level.

On a physical level, the yoga moves she gave me activated the parasympathetic nervous system, which truly did reduce my feelings of panic and anxiety.

But on a spiritual level, they activated the third eye chakra and deepened my connection to spirit.

As I was lying on the floor in child’s pose trying to simply focus on my breathing, I realized that:

1 – I already had the solution to my financial fears, all I had to do was use it!
2 – there was no reason to be stressed because the Universe has had my back this whole time.

Yes, I’m a spiritual educator, and yes, my purpose in life is to help others, but no – I don’t have it all figured out.

I’m constantly being given lessons and asked to confront my own stuff.

That’s the whole point of living and walking a spiritual path.

My hope is that sharing these lessons with you will help you on your journey.

In the weeks since this revelation, I’ve been given many signs that my financial fears are at an end because I’ve chosen to leave it up to faith.

This does not mean I don’t work hard or put in the effort.

What it does mean is that I trust that my hard work and soul-centered choices will work out for my benefit because I’m trusting the universe to do its part while I do mine.

Guess what?

Approaching everything from that perspective has reduced my anxiety level – A LOT.

I can’t honestly say it’s gone…Anxiety is too much a part of my cellular make up to disappear overnight.

But now, instead of letting it take over and derail my path, I remind myself to have faith and, if I need to, I go back to those yoga poses from Abby.

I know that this same approach – doing the work and trusting the Universe to handle the rest – is the SOUL-lution to ANY situation that causes anxiety.

Whether it’s social situations, adjusting to a new baby or new job, going out on a first date, ending a relationship that no longer works for you, etc. – it doesn’t matter.

All anxiety can be confronted and eventually released with faith.

I invite you to try this in your life and share the results with me either as a comment or privately.

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