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Ultimate Guide to Oracle Cards

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

Have you been wondering what oracle cards are, how they work, or how a reading can benefit you?

You’ve come to the right place!

After breaking the mystery of oracle cards down into easily understandable bits, you’ll also discover how you can do a reading for yourself.

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are focused on providing guidance and giving you messages from the Universe.

An accurate oracle card reading will help you understand why things are happening in your life and may give insight into the path forward.

In some cases, they may confirm what you already know. Included with oracle cards are angel cards, and animal cards.

How Oracle Cards Work

At their essence, oracle cards are a connection to divine guidance; they’re a tool for spirit to communicate with the mortal realm.

Just as with any spirit communication, there are aspects that are unexplainable.

What is clear, however, is that oracle cards combine the reader’s intuition and connection with spirit with Spirit’s own desire to communicate.

The result is a clear and understandable message from the Universe to help you understand your path forward.

How to Prepare for an Oracle Card Reading

Before you get a card reading, you want to be sure you’re with the right reader and that the person is truly able to deliver messages from the Universe.

Finding the Right Oracle Card Reader

The first thing to check is if you feel a connection to them. Does their personality (or at least what you know of it) resonate with you? Look at their website, social media, etc. Does it make you feel good to look at it? If it does, that’s a great sign you’ve found a reader you connect with.

Next, you want to be certain they’re truly a skilled reader.

Unfortunately, the field has people in it who are more concerned about making a buck than they are about helping people.

While you should reasonably expect to pay for a reading (we’ll talk about this more in How Much Should I Pay for an Oracle Card Reading) you should also expect to get actual messages from the Universe in return for your money.

Do Your Due Diligence

Be sure you know what you’re getting.

Honest readers will let you know up front how many cards are included with their fee, the delivery method (in person, email, video), and how long it takes to get your reading.

Vague answers like “however spirit moves me” sound okay, but can be sign of a disreputable reader.

Think of it this way, if you buy a shirt online but the company doesn’t tell you when you’ll get it or what shipping method they use, you’re not going to feel good about that. Oracle card readings are the same way.

What to Look for in an Oracle Card Reader

In addition to checking for fair business practices as noted above, you also want to be sure your reader is skilled. Don’t just take their word for it.


Check reviews on social media and Google.

See if they’ve done any videos or other social media posts with free readings so you can get a sense of them.

Again, this is like any other purchase – you need to trust the source.

Skill Level

Skilled readers also won’t be afraid to answer your questions. Shoot them a quick message and ask whatever is on your mind.

If the answer you get doesn’t feel right, look somewhere else.

Ditto if they don’t get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. Only you can decide what feels like a reasonable time frame for you, but personally, I hold myself to responding to emails within 24 hours or less.

Customer Service

The point here, really, is that you should expect the same high-level service from a card reader as you would from any other business – perhaps better since oracle card readings are so incredibly personal.

Just because they’re magical and mystical doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel 100% comfortable before you get your reading.

Look for things like how easy it is to contact them, the speed and professionalism of the response, their payment system, and anything else you need to feel comfortable.

How Much Should I Pay for an Oracle Card Reading

This is contested even among people in the industry, so all I can give you is my opinion.

If you agree with it, great – I’m glad we resonate. If not, let’s talk.

I’m happy to hear your point of view, even if I may not agree with it…and I won’t ask you to agree with mine either.

Then again, we might discover some common ground.

Freebies Aren’t Always a Good Thing (But They’re Not Always Bad Either)

As a highly skilled oracle card reader myself, I don’t think anyone should expect to get a reading for free under most circumstances.

Yes, there are times it’s okay.

  • special freebie promotion or a live video on social media
  • new readers, who may be quite talented, may offer free readings to grow their reviews and practice their skills

Outside of those special circumstances, however, free readings may not be your best bet.

Factors in Determining the Cost of an Oracle Card Reading

Here’s the thing. Each reading takes time and a reader’s time is valuable – just like yours.

In addition, the cards cost money, and there’s also the value of what you’re getting.

There’s a reason most people have low expectations for free gifts from vendors (both online and off).

It’s because free usually also means “not that great.”

Unless a reader who normally charges for their work is doing a promotion of some kind or you’re willing to let someone practice on you, the same thing holds true.

When you take the factors of the reader’s time, the cost of materials, and the value of the reading into account, it’s reasonable to expect to pay for oracle card readings most of the time.

The question is – how much? And that varies based on several factors.

Skill Level

First, the reader’s skill level.

More skilled, more practiced readers will charge more. Just like you make more the longer you’re at your job. Experience counts.

Also, many readers will take the time to answer questions in a follow up. This helps you further understand the meaning when done by a reader with the appropriate skill level.


Second, the delivery method.

Card readings done in person are usually more expensive than those done over the phone, which in turn are more costly than those done via email.

This is partly because of the time demands.

In Person

Readings done in person usually require the reader to go somewhere so transportation costs need to be factored in.

On the Phone

Those done on the phone often also involve discussion and thus take longer than readings sent via email.

In addition, in person and phone readings need to be scheduled which can be difficult.


Email readings are done when the reader has time – as long as it’s within a reasonable time frame, remember.


Third, the value to you.

I can’t tell you how much a card reading means to you in dollars and cents.

But I can tell you that the guidance and support are, as MasterCard used to say, “priceless.”

You have to decide for yourself what the value really looks like.

Taking all of that into account, you can expect to pay between $35 and $65 for an email reading and $50 – $100 for phone and in person readings.

When to Get an Oracle Card Reading

One of the wonderful things about oracle cards is that you can get a reading any time.

There is no time limit on how often you can get a reading, nor is there a maximum number of readings you can get in a given time frame.

If you’re going through a challenging time, struggling to make a decision, or are simply curious about your next step, an oracle card reading is right for you.

Challenging Life Events

People going through a challenging time find many benefits from getting a reading.

First, they feel supported and loved in ways they aren’t getting from the people around them.

Second, they receive guidance and support as well as insight into what’s happening in their lives and why.

Would you love to understand why everything you touch lately seems to fall apart? There is a reason and an oracle card reading helps you uncover it.

In particular, oracle cards can help make sense of thing like:

  • relationship changes or questions
  • career questions
  • big decisions such as moving or changing jobs
  • financial difficulties
  • feelings of confusion you don’t understand
  • loss and grief
  • persistent anxiety
  • seeking love
  • feeling lost
  • fill in your question here!


No doubt about it, relationships are tough.

Whether you’ve hit a tough spot with your partner, you’re looking for your true love, or you’re wondering if it’s time to walk away, there’s a lot that goes into romance and relationships.

Getting an oracle card reading about your love life can help you decide what the next best step is to finding your soul mate.

Making Decisions

Oracle cards are also helpful with making decision.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a “big deal” or not. The Universe and your guides are always available to help.

Whether you’re trying to decide if you should:

  • switch jobs
  • buy that new car
  • continuing dating someone
  • move
  • start or end a relationship
  • invest in something
  • fill in your question here!

Oracle cards tap into divine guidance to give you the guidance you need to make a soul-centered decision.

Prepare for the Road Ahead

Maybe your life seems pretty steady and even right now. If so, congrats!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get an oracle card reading.

In fact, this can be an opportune time to get a reading.


Because it will help you understand what’s going well so you can keep doing it as well as help prepare you for any lessons that might be coming up.

Other benefits to getting an oracle card reading include feeling supported and a deep sense of connection to the world and Spirit.

Benefits of an Oracle Card Reading

The biggest benefit of getting an oracle card reading is Divine guidance.

Often, you may feel like you’re reaching out for Spirit and getting only phone static in return.

This is NOT because Spirit doesn’t want to answer you.

It’s because you’re still developing your connection.

While in your growing phase, having someone use their deep connection to Spirit on your behalf can be extremely helpful.

Even people with incredibly deep connections to Spirit can benefit from an oracle card reading.

Sometimes situations are too emotional. You feel too close to them.

This makes it hard for Spirit to get through.

In those situations, getting an oracle card reading can paint a clearer picture and help you find your intuition among all the other noise.

How an Oracle Card Reading Works

To someone who’s never had a reading or worked with cards before, oracle cards can seem a little mysterious and magical – and they are!

But that doesn’t mean there’s not an explanation for how they work.

As with any spiritual tool or practice some faith is necessary, but even skeptics have experienced the positive results of a card reading.

For example, Carolina T.:

 Sarah did an animal card reading for me. I will admit I was skeptical at first, but the cards were insightful and meaningful to me. Sarah’s enthusiasm for what she does – helping people through their journey – can be felt even through [email]. While she is just the guide during the reading, it felt like she was holding my hand and letting me discover the true meaning of the cards! I would definitely recommend this even for the most die-hard skeptics!

Let me break it down for you a little.

A true card reader isn’t picking or interpreting the cards on their own.

Instead, skilled oracle card readers (or tarot card readers for the matter) are using their intuition and communicating with their guides to choose and interpret the cards.

Often, their guides are communicating with yours.

That’s why there’s no need for a skilled reader to know anything about your situation or particular question.

What this really means is that the reader is simply a vessel for spirit.

They’ve been given the gift of receiving messages for themselves and others and communicating those messages in an approachable, understandable way.

So yeah, there’s a little “magic,” but there’s a lot more faith and deep spiritual connection that only comes through work and continued practice.

What to Expect from an Oracle Card Reading

Whether you get your reading in person, on the phone, or via email, there are certain things you should expect.

First, you should expect to see the cards.

If it’s in person, you can take a picture with your phone if you’d like.

Phone and email readings should be accompanied by a picture of the cards.

Second, you should expect to get an interpretation of each card.

This interpretation should be unique to you and not copied or read from a book.

Though the reader may look at the book for guidance – particularly if they’re still forming a connection with the cards – the full interpretation should be guided by their intuition.

Third, a summary of the reading.

This summary helps connect all the cards together and further explains where you’re at on your journey as well as captures any advice or suggestions.

What to Do with Your Oracle Card Reading

Once you have your reading, it’s up to you how to proceed.

Absorb and Ask Questions

If you receive your reading via email, read it through several times and look at the picture of each card as you do.

You may find that additional meaning comes through from your own intuition.

For phone or in person readings, see if you can record it so you can listen to it again later.

In all cases, ask questions if you need further understanding.

This can be a great way to check your own intuition and help you learn to distinguish between your intuition and your thoughts.

Take Action

After taking some time to fully absorb the meaning of the cards, take action!

In almost every case, the readings will suggest an action.

Whether it’s connect with your guides, meditate, spend time in nature, let go of something, etc., there’s usually a suggestion or two about how to navigate this part of your journey.

Whatever actions are suggested, do them.

But do them mindfully and with intention.

Simply going for a nature walk with your face in your smartphone won’t cut it.

If you’re not sure how to take the action – like letting go of some emotional burden or connecting with your guides – ask the reader. They should be able to give you some advice.


After you’ve taken action, watch how things play out.

Does the situation seem easier?

Do you feel more connected or at peace?

It likely won’t happen overnight, but give it some time and see how it goes.

Of course, if you’re ever unsure, you can always get another reading.

Doing Your Own Card Reading

Sometimes people feel called to learn how to do their own oracle card readings.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect more directly with your spirit guides and enhance your own intuition.

If you’ve never done a reading before, this can be nerve wracking at first. While I do offer a class that teaches this in great detail, I’m going to break it down a little for you here too.

Finding Cards

First things first, you need to find an oracle card deck to work with.

In a way, this is like shopping for new pants or a shirt.

You want to pick a deck you love.

When you’re shopping for new clothes, you’re natural drawn to certain colors or styles.

It’s the same thing with buying an oracle card deck.

Look at the back of the box so you get a sense of the cards look like.

Do the speak to you?

Are the colors and images appealing?

That’s a great start.

And don’t forget that if you buy a deck and find you’re not connecting it with the way you’d like, you can always buy more.

Amazon has many amazing cards to choose from.

If you prefer to shop for your cards in person, look for stores that sell things like crystals, incense, or “metaphysical” products.

Those stores usually have oracle cards.

And if they don’t, they can probably tell you who does!

Activating the Cards

Before you attempt to get any messages with your new cards, you need to activate them.

There are many ways to do this, but the simplest is simply to touch them.

Open the package and look through the deck.

Take each card in your hand one by one.

Hold it between both hands for a few moments and look at the image on each card individually before moving on to the next one.

Doing Your First Reading

Once you’ve activated the cards, you’re ready to do your first reading.

Remember, you don’t need to have a specific question or situation.

The Universe already knows what you need to understand and will deliver the appropriate message.

Follow these steps to do your first reading and gain confidence with your skills.


Any oracle card reading begins by shuffling the deck.

You can do this in any manner that makes sense to you.

Some people shuffle with the “bridge” technique the same way they would for playing cards.

Others hold the deck in one hand, pull cards from it and shuffle them back in with the other. Like this:

Whatever works for you is fine.

Picking Cards

This is much less about you choosing cards and much more about letting the cards choose you.

As you’re shuffling, cards will reveal themselves. Like in this video:

They may literally jump out of the deck, turn face up, or get stuck in your hand and refuse to go back in.

All of these things are a sign that this card wants to be read.

Put those cards aside and continue shuffling until you have 6 – 8 cards.

Reading the Cards

Now, it’s time to read the cards.

Flip them over either one at a time or all together.

Again, this is completely personal preference.

As a beginner, start by looking at the book that was included with the cards to figure out their meaning.

Over time, you’ll start to develop an intuition about them.

This comes both with practice and by deepening your connection to Spirit.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Ultimately, oracle card reading is both a gift and a skill.

If you’ve been called to do reading, you’ve been given the gift.

But just like any other skill, you have to practice to use it fully.

Think about LeBron James (or the talented person of your choice).

NBA players are naturally gifted athletes with an amazing talent for basketball.

But they also practice more than 60 hours a week to hone their skills and continue growing.

I hope you understand oracle cards better now and that you feel more comfortable with them.

If you’re ready to get a reading yourself, I’d be honored to do one for you.

And if you’re still in the phase of looking for a reader you resonate with, I invite you to contact me with any questions.

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