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Setting Mindful Intentions for Living an Empowered Life This Year

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

If you’re like most people, you set New Year’s Resolutions every year.

And every year by February or March they’ve fallen by the wayside.

You fall back into the old habits you were trying to change, and your life doesn’t transform the way you want it to.

Instead of that pattern this year, I suggest you set Mindful Intentions – ones that you will help you live an empowered life and create the changes you truly want.

Because the truth is, those resolutions aren’t really about losing weight or changing jobs; they’re actually about transforming at a deeper level.

The weight loss, job change, etc. are the OUTCOMES of that deeper transformation.

Steps to Setting Mindful Intentions

Setting mindful intentions isn’t about focusing on the outcome.

They’re about looking for the inner work that needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome – and then doing the work.

To get started, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Ask Why

Why is that desired outcome important right now?

If you want to lose weight, why?

Is it about health? Feeling better about your body? Trying to meet some societal standard of beauty?

Once you understand why, you can begin to look at what actually needs changing.

If your desired outcome is to lose weight because of health concerns, it may be that you actually need to work on self-discipline with regard to food and exercise.

If you’re trying to meet some societal standard, you may need to work on confidence as opposed to anything to do with your physical body.

It’s vital to understand why your desired outcomes are important so that you can hone in on the root of what needs changing.

Step 2 – Write It Down

Once you have your why, you’ve basically figured out your intention.

Let’s look at weight loss again.

If you’ve realized you want to lose weight because you’re trying to meet a societal standard and the reason that matters is because you lack confidence, you can now write an intention about it.

Something like “I will engage in activities that empower me with confidence about my body.”

To go along with that, write a positive affirmation. In the case something like, “I am beautiful, confident, and comfortable with my body.”

Step 3 – Post It

And no, I don’t mean on social media, though you certainly can if you want to.

Post your intention and affirmation somewhere you can see them on a daily basis. They will serve as a reminder for you as well as help to change your thought process and internal dialogue.

Note that this should be encouraging.

Do not beat up on yourself or succumb to feelings of guilt if you don’t meet that intention regularly. Simply acknowledge you need to do better and start again.

You have the whole year – and beyond – to get it right.

Step 4 – Make a Plan

Now that you have your intention, you need to make a plan.

If you’re going to do activities that empower you with confidence about your body, think about what that might be. Martial arts? Zoomba? Dance? Yoga?

Recognize that the first few times you do it may be scary and uncomfortable. Part of reclaiming power in your life is doing things outside your comfort zone a little bit a time.

Locate a place or two in your area where you can do whatever activity you’ve chosen. And then go.

Push yourself past the fear and discomfort the first few times.

If it’s a good fit, that feeling will fade. If it’s not the right place for you, keep looking – but don’t give up!

Step 5 – Connect with Your Spirit Guides

We’re all surrounded by spirit guides our entire lives. Many people don’t connect with them on a personal basis, but to truly transform your life, it’s necessary to do so.

Here’s why. Spirit guides return personal power to us. The ones who come forward to work with you at any given moment have come at that point to return a specific power you need right now.

If you’re working on confidence about your body, they’ll bring that power into your life, and then help you reclaim it.

You will find yourself in situations where you’d normally feel uncomfortable and be asked to step up and be confident. In those moments, you can lean on your spirit guide and ask for help.

If you’re new to this idea, or if you’d like a personal introduction to your spirit guide, I’m here to help! And make sure to check out my free download to help you get started!

Final Thoughts

By setting mindful intentions for the year instead, you’re creating the space in your life necessary to truly transform and live the empowered live you deserve.

I suggest keeping a journal so you can go back and look at your progress.

Also, stay tuned for my upcoming book Cultivating Presence: 365 Mindfulness Activities for Daily Life. Publication date is TBD, but will be this year at some point.

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