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3 Steps to Make Empowered Decisions

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2019)

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re in a situation where you have to make a decision, but there’s a loud voice in your head telling you that whatever you decide, it’s going to be wrong.

Maybe you’re afraid of being judged.

Maybe you’re worried things won’t work out the way they “should.”

But underneath all that, you also know that you see other people making decisions and being comfortable accepting however it works out.

And you want that too.

Guess what, girl? YOU CAN HAVE IT!

Follow these three steps to start making empowered decisions today.

Step 1 – Gut Check

This really means checking your intuition, but that can sound overwhelming at first.

So, we’ll call it a gut check. 🙂

When you think about the different options, how do you feel?

Does one make you a little queasy?

Does one make you want to run for cover?

Does one make you think it could work if….?

Unless you think being queasy and hiding are good things, it’s probably best to go with the one that could work.

Then trust that even if it doesn’t, it all happens as it’s meant to.

Step 2 – Connect with Spirit Guides

Chances are even though you’re leaning in a certain direction after you’ve done your gut check, you want some confirmation.

Maybe you ask your friends and co-workers for advice.

Only problem is sometimes that makes you more confused and stressed.

That’s because they’re telling you what THEY would do, not what YOU should do.

They’re not trying to steer you wrong. It’s just human nature.

Instead, go to a source that has your best and highest good in mind at all times.

That’s your spirit guides!!

Check in with them. They’ll tell you which path to take and help you feel confident about your decision.

Step 3 – Set Boundaries

Once you’ve made your decision, stick to it.

If other people disagree, thank them for their input and then continue to do what your gut and your guides have told you is right.

This may mean saying no to someone. That is okay!!!

It may mean you have to manage your time.

It may mean you have to stand up for yourself.

All of that is absolutely perfect!

It’s a chance for you to practice being empowered and standing your ground.

Politely, but firmly, tell people whatever it is that needs to be said. Then let it go and move on.


I believe in you.

And soon, you will too!

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