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Everything You Need to Know About Surrendering

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2019)
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Gosh! I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been struggling with surrendering hard core!

But let me back up a second. For people who aren’t familiar with the concept, surrendering is the ultimate trust fall. And it’s an essential part of any spiritual journey.

What is Surrendering

It’s believing so powerfully that the universe will bring you all that you desire that you feel no stress or anxiety.

It’s trusting in this power so much that you simply do what you do and allow the rest to flow.

It’s knowing with your whole being that all will be well because you’re protected and loved by a power greater than yourself.

All of that may sound pretty easy on paper (or screen), but it’s a much different thing to actually practice in your life.

How the Universe Pushes Us to Surrender

I actually talked about this on a recent podcast, but for those that missed it, the Universe basically requires us to surrender before it will allow all we’ve been working for, praying for, manifesting for, to come through.


Essentially, to prove our faith and our worthiness. We have to demonstrate our absolute faith in the Universe because Its plan is not always the same as our plan. But also – and perhaps more importantly – to prove that our egos are not in charge.

Ego is what makes “money the root of all evil.” Money is just another form of energy. It’s who has it and HOW they use it that determines good or evil.

So, to be sure that the Universe is only gifting those worthy, It requires surrender.

BUT WAIT! You might be thinking, there are some pretty wealthy people right now who are NOT good people.

And you’re right. But take a step back and think about how they came into that money. Was the Universe involved at all or did they inherit from someone who was more faith-filled? And more importantly – are they actually happy? Not just from outward appearance – really, deep down happy.

True abundance isn’t just about money and “stuff” it’s about being truly happy with whatever circumstances you’re in.

Okay, so back to how the Universe pushes us to surrender.

It boils down to this, it will pile sh*t brick after sh*t brick on you until you break.

I know, that sounds cruel. But it’s not.

It’s done with deep compassion and love to help you grow and embrace surrendering.

And bear in mind that the sooner you surrender, the less painful the whole thing will be.

My First Time Surrendering

The first time I had to learn this lesson was awful!

I’m not sugar-coating this, you’ll notice. As much as I knew that all of the deaths, health scares, and other crises were meant to help me learn, it sucked – a lot.

But I’m stubborn AF and more resilient than most people might think based on my tiny stature.

So, I kept going as I had been – trying to bring order to the chaos and keep EVERYTHING running smoothly.

Needless to say, I was stressed, tired, anxious, and pretty darn miserable.

But I kept acting like everything was fine and kept telling myself it would all work out – and it would, but not the way I thought!

Finally, at my grandfather’s funeral (second family death on top of breaking off a relationship, three family health scares, and some terrifying “bat in the house” moments), I had had enough!

I wound up in a corner crying by myself and declaring exactly how done I was!

Family thought I was in a mental health crisis. And I guess I was in a way, but not in the way they thought.

Once I convinced them I wasn’t a danger to myself, they started to realize that what I really meant was that I was letting go of being so emotionally invested in everything.

It was exhausting and not getting me anywhere.

And wouldn’t you know it! As SOON as I surrendered, abundance flowed. I got new clients and some other personal issues resolved without me having to do anything. Sweet!

Surrendering is An Ongoing Process

I quickly learned, however, that surrendering once isn’t enough – at least not when you’re as Type A as I am!

The next time the issue came up, though, I realized it much more quickly and was able to take active steps to surrender BEFORE I was brought to my knees in tears.

How to Know If You Need to Surrender

If you feel like you’re holding on so tight, but nothing seems to moving, it might be time to surrender.

If you feel like the more you try to push things forward, the less they move, it might be time to surrender.

If you’re constantly thinking things like “why isn’t this happening more quickly?” it might be time to surrender.

If you feel like you work SO hard, but have so little to show for it, it might be time to surrender.

If you stay awake nights trying to figure out the “magic formula” to get some part of your life to the next level, it might be time to surrender.

If you feel like nothing is going according to plan, it might be time to surrender.

7 Steps to Surrendering

When you’re ready to surrender (hopefully before you’ve reached the point of being on your knees crying), I’ve discovered there are seven steps to make the process easier.

Honestly, I wish I’d had a guide book for it the first time through because I had NO idea.

1. Say “I Surrender”

This may sound basic, but it is incredibly powerful.

The truth is that what we put into words (even unspoken words) is what we’re putting out into the Universe – and the Universe wants us to have what we want, so that’s what we’re going to get.

By saying “I surrender,” you’re laying a solid foundation for the next six steps.

2. Replace the Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but when I’m all wrapped around the axle about something, those thoughts and feeling repeat in my head.

It’s impossible to stop thinking about them – and honestly, we’re not wired to do that!

Instead, write a mantra or positive affirmation for yourself.

If it helps you, mine is “I surrender to the flow and trust the process.”

Any time you start to think or feel those same anxious, caught up in the issue patterns, stop yourself and say your mantra instead.

Also, post the mantra somewhere you can see it and say it to yourself regularly. I use the bathroom mirror.

3. Make a Vision Board

I know they’re sort of a fad right now, but the truth is that vision boards work!

They’re a method for putting out into the Universe what you want. And as I said before, the Universe wants us to have what we want, so if we’re aligned with what we put on that vision board, we’ll get it.

To make one specifically about surrendering, choose words and images that bring that feeling to mind. Below is a picture of the one I made to help you find some inspiration.

4. Keep “Stirring the Pot”

It’s important to understand that surrendering does NOT mean you stop taking active steps to create the life you want to live.

What it does mean is that you take those steps and then trust the Universe to do the rest.

For example, I’m in the process of creating a sub-division all about healing animals using a unique method called Shamanic And Reiki Animal Healing (SARAH) – trademark pending.

It would be (and was) very easy for me to get all caught up in all the “stuff” needed to make that happen and stressed about if anyone would even want it.

Instead, I’m doing the work (stirring the pot), and trusting that the rest will flow in perfect timing (even if the timing isn’t MY timing.)

I’m still writing content, getting photos, building a website, etc., but with none of the same emotional tension about it as there was before I remembered to surrender.

5. Focus on Gratitude

Sure, life isn’t EXACTLY what you want right now.

Guess what? It probably never will be.

As humans, we’re always looking for the next thing. We see what others have and want it too.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing so long as we don’t get caught up in it. But too much and it will make anyone unhappy and dissatisfied, no matter how great their life seems to others.

Instead of spending time looking at what you WANT, channel that time and energy into being immensely grateful for what you DO have.

Things will shift dramatically! And if you haven’t listened to it yet, we talked about this in that same podcast I mentioned earlier.

6. Journal It

I admit, even though I’m an author I always found journaling sort of tedious and annoying. And I was never sure it helped much.

That changed for me when I found this journal!

It provides a distinct structure to the journaling process and actually helps me see the changes and progress.

So much better than a blank page!

Give it a try yourself, and let me know how you like it. 🙂

7. Add Some Wintergreen Essential Oil to Your Life

As I’ve mentioned before, purity matters when using essential oils for spiritual purposes. It’s the essence of the plant that produces the desired effects. Impure oils may have fillers, other oils mixed in, or may not actually be what the label on the bottle says.

Because of this, I use Young Living Essential Oils. I know I can trust what I’m buying will have the desired outcomes.

All that said, Wintergreen is AMAZING for help with surrendering.

The mild, minty, fresh herb helps our souls let go of the need to be in control and surrender to Spirit.

I like to use mine in an inhaler, but you could also diffuse (if you’re safely able to do so around animals* and other people), or apply it topically to your third eye and root chakras.

To get your own Wintergreen essential oil from a source you can trust, contact me. And if you want to learn more about using it (or any other oil) in an inhaler, check out this great video.

*I strongly recommend not allowing cats to come into contact with essential oils in any way without veterinary supervision. Essential oils contain phenols, which cats are unable to process. I am not a vet, but I am a cat mom and their safety is my top priority.

Check In

This isn’t so much a step in the surrendering process as way to prove to yourself you have.

Check in with your thoughts and emotions. Do you feel less stressed? Lighter?

Things should be flowing more easily – though perhaps still not in your time frame – and you should notice that you’re not clinging to the need to be in control.

Let me know how you do in the comments below! I love hearing from my readers. 🙂

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