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3 Reasons You Can’t Hear Your Spirit Guides

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2019)

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You’re BEGGING the Universe for a sign – any sign – but you feel like all you’re getting back is dead air?

After a while, you start to feel like either no one’s listening or they don’t care enough to respond.

The truth is, they Universe IS answering your pleas, you just don’t know how to recognize the answers…yet!

Let me help you figure out how to open yourself up to get those answers.

Problem 1 – Pathways Need to Be Open

The main reason most people can’t hear their spirit guides is because their pathways aren’t open. Each one of your five senses is a pathway for spirit guides to communicate with you.

If you’re too focused on electronics, daily tasks, etc. the pathways may not be open. So when the Universe and your spirit guides send you an answer, you miss it.

The Solution – Be Still

Give your spirit guides a fighting chance! Turn off the electronics. Slow down. Go for a walk or sit and be still some where you feel safe.

Breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Invite your guides in and be open to whatever form the answer takes.

Problem 2 – You’re Missing the Signs

Maybe you think you’re pretty open, but you’re still getting nothing.

That’s okay! I promise, your guides are answering you. You may be missing the signs, though.

The Solution – Know What to Look for

Answers from spirit guides can take many forms.

It may be a smell, a repeating visual or sound pattern, even a particular taste or touch sensation.

You’ll know it’s a sign from your guides if it’s out of the ordinary and feels deep and meaningful to you (especially if that doesn’t make sense to lots of other people.)

Problem 3 – You’re Looking for Specifics

Most people are looking for a specific answer. Like “what’s my next step here?” And for the answer to be “do these 3 steps and this will be the result.”

It doesn’t work that way though! The Universe and spirit guides use metaphors. A step by step plan may be revealed, but it won’t be clear and concise like an outline.

The Solution – Broaden Your Scope

Consider that even something that feels like a “small” answer can have big meaning.

Here’s an example. Maybe you keep seeing U-Haul trucks. They show up in places that you wouldn’t expect to see them and it happens A LOT.

This is a repeating pattern, and likely a sign.

It could seem small, but it may also be a big message. Perhaps it’s a sign that you’ll be moving, or that someone will be moving in with you.

If you’ve tried working through these three common problems getting answers from your spirit guides and you still feel like it’s not happening, give my free download and/or spirit guide retrieval a try!

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