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5 Tips to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2019)

Tip 1: Make physical contact with the Earth

Being in contact with the Earth keeps you grounded and centered, which is necessary for contact with your spirit guides.








Tip 2: Get Quiet

Our brains and the world around is full of noise and chatter. Guides speak softly. So, it’s essential to get quiet in order to hear them.








Tip 3: Turn Off Electronics

Cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. They’re all a huge distraction. When you’re focused on those, you can’t focus on the messages coming from your guides.

Shut them off for an hour and see what happens.







Tip 4: Pay Attention

Messages from spirit guides come in many forms and from many places.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Notice anything that seems “different” or speaks to you on a soul level.







Tip 5: Master Interpretation

It would be great if messages from spirit guides were clear and a concise – a list of steps to follow or a clear and obvious yes/no.

But they’re not. They’re metaphors and what one sign means to you may mean something different to someone else.

You must learn to interpret your messages meanings for yourself. (But I can help!)

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