to your soul transformation journey!

Stone Bridge Transformation is the product of my journey, discovering my purpose. It is my honor to be a part of your journey and help you bridge the spiritual gap to transform your soul.

Through online classes, books, and oracle card readings, you will meet your guides and discover your purpose. Each of these methods serves to teach you to connect with, and trust, your own intuition.

Unlike traditional coaching which relies on the coach’s intuition to guide you to find yours, the methods used at SBT give you the tools you need to discover your intuition yourself and develop a truly trusting and life-transforming relationship with your guides.

Of course, I am always available to answer questions! Simply connect with me on social media or use the contact page.

The Meaning Behind the Words

In creating Stone Bridge Transformation, it was important to capture the essence of the journey we’ll take together.

Stone: Stones and rocks are thought of as unchanging and unfeeling. In truth, they have a soul and change either through the process of erosion or human action. They’re solid and the perfect foundation for the transformative work you’re about to begin.

Bridge: As a shaman, I’m a bridge between ordinary reality (where we live) and non-ordinary reality (where our guides and teachers live). I use this amazing gift to help you walk across that bridge into the waiting, loving arms of your guides and your true self.

Transformation: This journey you’re about to begin is not meant to be rushed. Transformation and change take time and may involve many twists along the way. I can tell you from personal experience, that each step comes with lessons. As you move from the person you are today into the person you were meant to be – your true self – every facet of your life transforms in incredible ways.

Because here’s the thing: your SOUL is perfect! Although the tagline states “transform your soul,” the truth is that what’s really happening is DISCOVERING your soul – and in the process transforming your entire life! It simply feels like your soul is transforming because you’ve been so out of touch with it for so long.

As you begin your journey across the bridge spanning your spiritual gaps, it is truly my pleasure and honor to say “welcome home!”

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