1. I Promise to Keep Myself Healthy and My Life in Balance

2. I Promise to Seek Help from Peers and Ask Questions as Needed to Best Serve You

3. I Promise to Listen Without Judgement and Seek to Help Solve Problems

4. I Promise to Be Honest with You and with My Peers and to Uphold High Standards of Integrity

5. I Promise to Treat You and Your Life with Respect and Dignity

6. I Promise to Never Abuse You or Our Client/Practitioner Relationship

7. I Promise to Make You My Only Focus During Our Sessions

8. I Promise to Work with the Spirits for the Best and Highest Good

9. I Promise to Honor All Your Emotions and the Ways in Which They Are Expressed

10. I Promise to Charge Fair and Reasonable Rates

11. I Promise to Keep Our Session Confidential and Respect Your Privacy. Note: I’m required by law to report it if I feel you are a danger to yourself or others. 

12. I Promise to Refer You to Other Practitioners if Necessary

13. I Promise Never to Use Your Spirits Against You