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Intro to Meditation

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)


Meditation has tremendous benefits for physical and mental health as well as helps promote spiritual development. Whether you’ve tried meditation before and felt like you just couldn’t do it or are brand new to the practice, this course will help you learn how to make meditation a part of daily life.

  • Learn how to deal with thoughts and internal distractions
  • Get passed your blocks
  • Create a personal daily meditation practice

In addition to lifetime access, your course enrollment includes access to a secret Facebook group where you can ask questions, get answers, and learn from others in the course. If you’d like to connect with me more privately, please feel free to email me. Please be sure to include which course you’re taking so I can best help you. You may feel lonely at times, but you are not alone.


**All sales are final. By signing up for the course you agree to hold harmless Stone Bridge Transformation, all of its partners, practitioners, etc. for any success or failure with this course. You understand that your efforts determine your outcome and accept that there are no warranties or guarantees made.

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