Hey girl!

How would you like to stop letting your emotions run your life?
Are you ready to feel calm and centered?
Are you ready to greet each day with joy?

Are you ready to feel in control of your life?

Great News!
You are in the right place!

You know you’re capable of achieving inner peace, but you’re not sure how.

Maybe you’ve tried meditating before, but felt you “failed.”
Maybe you you see other people who aren’t led by their emotions, but you don’t know how they do it.
Maybe you’ve been told you have to live up to certain expectations, and you believe it.
Maybe you feel like you’re afraid to change.
Maybe you feel like spirituality is for other people.

Girl, I have news for you!

You can live life on your terms, feeling centered, at peace, and empowered.

What would it be like to:
Know how to access your inner peace in any situation?
Make empowered decisions from a calm, centered place?
Feel centered and at peace because you know every challenge is a lesson and every blessing will be multiplied?
No longer allow fear to rule your life?
Know that you’re living the life your soul came here to live?
Trust yourself?

Feel centered and at peace. Always.

I will show you how to create a daily meditation practice that works for you!

You are to here make a difference! Let’s get started!

She is a goddess and a gifted healer. I highly recommend her!

Darlene P.

You are capable of living life on your terms without fear!!

Meditation Online Class

Lesson 1: Learn About Me
I know you already feel like we’re buds – and we are! But the first lesson gives you more insight into me, my journey and how I can help you.

Lesson 2: More About Meditation
You already know it’s awesome! But I want you to have a full understanding of the benefits you’re welcoming into your life, so we cover that.

Lesson 3: Setting Up Your Space
Time to get moving! Having a safe place to meditate is super important, especially at the beginning. This is your chance to do that!

Lesson 4: Letting Go of Expectations
Most people begin their meditation practice with preconceived ideas of how it should go. Those actually hold you back, so we’re going to get rid of them right now.

Lesson 5: External Focus
Ultimately, meditation is about going deep internally, but that can be tough at first. So we start off by focusing on something external to get you started

Lesson 6: Internal Focus
Time to amp it up and focus internally. This is the gold standard for meditation that creates lasting inner peace

Lesson 7: Create Your Own Mantra
You can use ALMOST anything to create your own mantra. This lesson shows you how to do it!

Lesson 8: Making it a Daily Thing
By this point, you’re going to love meditation and feel very comfortable doing it. So, it’s time to figure out how to make it part of your daily life.

Lesson 9: Wrap Up
This final lesson puts it all together for you in a nice, neat package

10% of profits to charity

**All sales are final. By signing up for this service you agree to hold harmless Stone Bridge Transformation, all of its partners, practitioners, etc. for any success or failure with creating a meditation practice. You understand that your efforts determine your outcome and accept that there are no warranties or guarantees made.