Hey girl!

How about we get you some guidance?
Are you ready to tap into Divine Wisdom?
Are you ready to trust your decisions?
Are you ready to feel in control of your life?

Great News!
You are in the right place!

You know the answers you seek are out there
You’re just not sure how to find it!
Maybe you’ve been looking for it for a while.
Maybe you’ve asked others for help, but feel like their guidance doesn’t work for you.
Maybe you’ve been told you have to live up to certain expectations, and you believe it.
Maybe you’re afraid you’ll never get the wise answers you’re looking for.
Maybe you feel like spirituality is for other people.

Girl, I have news for you!

You can tap into Divine Wisdom and trust your decisions!
What would it be like to:
Feel guided during your decision making process?
Make empowered decisions you know are right for you?
Feel centered and at peace because you know whatever the outcome, it is for your best and highest good?
No longer allow fear to rule your life?
Trust yourself?

Feel connected and at peace. Always.

I will get you the answers you need in this moment!

The guidance you seek exists. Let’s get it to you!

“This is the best most accurate reading I have ever had. Everything was spot on. She gives credit to her guides. Let me tell you they really come through for her. EVERYTHING that showed up in this reading is 100% relevant to exactly where I am at in my journey at the moment and the struggles I find myself going through. She provides gentle advice to help you along your path. She has a gift and is sharing it with the world. Let her gift help and serve you. Thank you Sarah!”
-Carol G.

This is your moment! Take the reins!

You are capable of making decisions you can trust!

“Just had a beautiful oracle card reading with Sarah from Stone Bridge. It was “right on” and a great reminder to embrace change that I down deep have known is coming. Thank you Sarah.”
Cathey P.

Life is not about sitting back and letting things happen to you.

It’s about taking an active role in owning your experience.

Personalized Oracle Card Readings are for you if:

  • You feel like you need answers no one else can provide
  • You’re ready to get guidance from Divine beings who only have your best and highest good in mind
  • You’d like a “double check” that you’re going in the right direction

Your Personalized Oracle Card Reading will include:

  • 6-8 intuitively drawn cards
  • Interpretation of each card
  • Summary of how the cards connect
  • Any advice or suggestions I’m guided to give

You may be concerned the reading will give you advice you don’t like.

I encourage you to be open to the possibility that all guidance is for your best and highest good.

While it may be uncomfortable in the short term, long-term it helps you grow and become the person you’re truly meant to be.

Please allow up to 24-hours from time of order to receive your reading.

Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see your reading within 24 hours.

10% of profits to charity

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***While I consider these messages to come directly from spirit, they should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

***All sales are final. By purchasing a personalized oracle card reading, you agree to hold harmless Stone Bridge Transformation, all of its partners, practitioners, etc. for any potential outcomes. You understand that decisions, etc. are ultimately up to you and that an oracle card reading is in no way meant to take the place of therapy or other therapeutic methods.