Help Your Loved One’s Soul Get Home

When someone we love dies, the pain is often lessened by the knowledge that their spirit is in a better place.

Most of the time, this is 100% true and a beautiful way to trust the cycle of life.

Sometimes, though, souls need a little help getting to the other side. This can happen in cases of traumatic death such as:

  • vehicle accident
  • suicide
  • natural disaster
  • work/farm related accidents
  • other unexpected and dramatic situations

If you’ve lost a loved on this way and feel they may need some guidance to return home, I’m here to help.

Spirit has called me to use my shaman training and deep connection with the soul work known as psychopomp to help your loved one’s soul find peace.

I am humbled and honored to offer this service and invite you to contact me to discuss your loved one’s situation.