Hey girl!
How about we give you everything you need to live an empowered life?

Are you ready to stop letting others make decisions for you?
Are you ready to live your soul purpose?
Are you ready to feel in control of your life?

Great News!

You are in the right place!

You know you’re here for a purpose and you want to live it,
You’re just not sure how you figure out what it is!

Maybe you’ve been trying to figure it out for a while.
Maybe you see others making empowered decisions and wish you could too.
Maybe you’ve been told you have to live up to certain expectations, and you believe it.
Maybe you feel like you’re afraid to change.
Maybe you feel like spirituality is for other people.

Girl, I have news for you!

You can live life on your terms, feeling centered, at peace, and empowered.
What would it be like to:
Know there is a power greater than you guiding your way AND be able access their advice in any moment?
Make empowered decisions you know are right for you?
Feel centered and at peace because you know every challenge is a lesson and every blessing will be multiplied?
No longer allow fear to rule your life?
Know that you’re living the life your soul came here to live?
Trust yourself?

Feel connected and at peace. Always.

I will show you how to connect with your spirit guides and access everything you need!

You are here for a reason! Let’s find out what it is!

This is your journey! Transformation is possible!

Your spirit guides will show you the way!

“Whilst I’m yet to do a whole lot of work with my newly found spirit guide, I couldn’t believe how easy I could connect to ‘him’. In the past, I had assumed that deceased loved ones were my guides, and I would often have a lot of trouble trying to visualize their faces when calling upon them during meditation or prayer. However after a single session with Sarah, where she retrieved my true spirit guide, visualizing ‘his’ face and connecting with ‘him’ during meditation and prayer has been instantaneous and effortless. Really excited to see where this goes!”


Life is not about watching others live. It’s about taking the reins and making it what you want it to be.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are animals, plants, mythological beings, etc. that help us through our life journey. They teach us and provide guidance.

Even more important than that, they return power to us.

As we go through life, we give away pieces of our power, often without realizing it.

By knowing the identity of your spirit guide you will:

  • connect more deeply with them
  • create a lasting relationship that helps guide you the rest of your life
  • get divine guidance and answers to your toughest situations
  • feel supported and loved in ways you never thought possible
  • become more aware of your intuition
  • develop your spiritual gifts

Spirit Guides Retrieval 12-week Program:

Before the first coaching session:
-video call to meet your spirit guide
Before you can start to take back your personal, you need to know who’s working with you and what power they’re returning to you

This call:

  • Begin with breath work/grounding/cleansing
  • I’ll connect to you so my guides know whose guide we’re looking for
  • You’ll relax and enjoy some drumming music
  • I go on a shamanic journey and work with my guides to find yours
  • I bring it back to you, share its identity and any other information
  • We spend a few minutes helping you begin to create your deep connection

Weeks 1 – 12:

(The specific order may change slightly based on your particular situation)

1: Let’s Get Going!

We dive deep into your situation. You’ll share with me your hopes, dreams, goals, fears, questions, etc.

You will walk away from our first calling understanding the role spirit guides play both in general and in your life specifically. You will also have a better understanding of how they communicate.

Each session will include a little bit of homework – don’t worry, it’s fun, I promise!

For the first call, your homework will be about connecting with your spirit guide and trying to determine signs from them.

2: Time to Open Up

This is where it starts to get super fun! We open up your first communication pathway.

In most cases, this is sound, but if you’re a more visual learner, we’ll switch it up and do sight instead.

We’ll practice this a bit together and then you’ll work on it some more on your own.

3: Growing Awareness

The journey starts to pick up steam here!

After checking in on how things are going (we do this every call), we’ll have some more fun opening up your next communication pathway! If you did sight before, you’ll do hearing now – and vice versa.

You’ll also walk away from this call with a greater understanding of awareness and how that impacts your connection with your guide.

4: Get Out Doubt

About this point in the journey, you may start to doubt yourself, your senses, your connection, even your thoughts.

That’s why we spend time talking about trust and faith during this call.

And yes, we open up another pathway too. I might even let you choose which one!

5: My Guide Said What?

By now, you’re receiving many messages – some are clear and obvious and others are more subtle.

At the end of this call, you’ll have a clear sense of how to distinguish those subtle messages from your own thoughts.

And yes, you guessed it, we open up the fourth pathway!

6: Freedom to Choose

It’s very likely that by this point some of the things your guides are asking of you feel uncomfortable.

Remember, they’re here to return power to you, which means you’ll need to practice using it. But it’s still always your choice.

During today’s call, we’ll talk about free will and how that’s managed in the spirit realm to ensure you still wind up at your soul purpose.

Yup! We do another pathway too!

7: Get Deep

This week we dive DEEP into what your personal power is and what it means in your life.

We come up with a plan for practicing it in ways you feel safe.

8: Get Grounded

Up to this point, we’ve been raising your vibration. So, you may feel a bit frantic or out of sorts.

That’s a normal part of the process!

And it’s why we work on grounding techniques during this call. You’ll walk away feeling calmer and armed with tools to bring yourself back to this centered place any time you need to.

9: Check Your Baggage

One thing about growth like this, it can bring up a LOT of old baggage. Ugh.

This week, we clear that crud out! And you’ll learn to practice gratitude daily as a method for keeping more crud from attaching to you.

10: Need a Hug?

Another thing about the spiritual development you’ve been doing is that it’s scary as heck sometimes!

The great news is that spirit guides provide comfort too! You’ll leave this sessions knowing how to access that and how to release your fears so you can move forward with compassion for your self and others.

11: Forgiveness

By this point, people encounter blocks for one kind or another. Again, that’s a completely normal part of the process.

And this week we’re gonna get rid of that crap!

It start with forgiveness – and yes your guides are going to help you with that!

You’ll walk away with a plan for forgiving yourself and others as well as some techniques to help you get started.

12: Time to Celebrate!

First, a huge round of applause for going deep and doing all the hard work to get here! This final call is a chance for us to celebrate as well as for you to ask any final questions.

Not sure the 12-week 1:1 program is right for you?

Other Options

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**All sales are final. By signing up for this service you agree to hold harmless Stone Bridge Transformation, all of its partners, practitioners, etc. for any success or failure with developing a relationship with your spirit guide(s). You understand that your efforts determine your outcome and accept that there are no warranties or guarantees made.