I want everyone to know that since I found Stone Bridge Transformation I have found an honest a caring person who works very hard to help me find what I am looking for! She has guided me gently but never told me to go in one direction or another. The choice has always been mine. She really makes me think and feel what is there for me. I have learned there are forces (spirit guides) around me that only want to help and I have learned to welcome their help. I am learning to accept the help even when I don’t understand where it comes from. To be able to have a friend that only wants the best for you is something I found 6 weeks ago when I saw my first set of cards from Stone Bridge Transformation. From her first response I knew I has found what I had been searching for! If you are looking for help and want someone that will help you with the work and become your friend along the way this is the place! She has helped me find peace and joy in every day!

Maureen G.

Wow!  Wow! and Wow!  Who was that person speaking so eloquently on local TV!  I’m so impressed with you and with what you had to say.  I’m also impressed with your level of spirituality.  I notice that you didn’t mention God much, but it’s obvious that you’re very spiritually connected and I very much admire that.  What you’re doing and where you’re going with your life are obviously working very well for you.  To that I have to say “You Go Girl,” and keep doing what you doing.  Your emotional and spiritual strength and insights definitely came through in the interview.  Congratulations on a job very well done.

Mary W.

Just had a beautiful oracle card reading with Sarah from Stone Bridge. It was “right on” and a great reminder to embrace change that I down deep have known is coming. Thank you Sarah.

Cathey P.

I had an AMAZING oracle reading !!💜📿 it was so spot on to everything going on in my life right now it blew me away! Definitely check it out for yourself.

Melissa C.

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for that oracle card reading. It’s really lifted me up to read it and feel even your energy of love. I completely feel it hit every single area.

Olga K.

Sarah did an animal card reading for me. I will admit I was skeptical at first, but the cards were insightful and meaningful to me. Sarah’s enthusiasm for what she does – helping people through their journey – can be felt even through the phone. While she is just the guide during the reading, it felt like she was holding my hand and letting me discover the true meaning of the cards! I would definitely recommend this even for the most die-hard skeptics!

Carolina T.

This is the best most accurate reading I have ever had. Everything was spot on. She gives credit to her guides. Let me tell you they really come through for her. EVERYTHING that showed up in this reading is 100% relevant to exactly where I am at in my journey at the moment and the struggles I find myself going through. She provides gentle advice to help you along your path. She has a gift and is sharing it with the world. Let her gift help and serve you. Thank you Sarah!

Carol G.

She is a goddess and a gifted healer. I highly recommend her!

Darlene P.